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School Counseling Data Specialist
Collecting and analyzing data can help school counselors and their administrators identify achievement gaps, understand educational issues and assess programs to ensure they are making a difference for all students. For school counseling programs to be considered a pivotal and valued resource to the learning environment, school counselors must commit to formulating and executing services that link their work to the instructional mission and concretely demonstrate accountability for student academic success.

School counselors need to use data for four reasons:
1. Identify school counseling program goals
2. Monitor student progress to close the achievement gap
3. Assess and evaluate programs
4. Demonstrate school counseling program effectiveness.

To address the need for school counselors to understand how to use data in their programs, ASCA offers the School Counseling Data Specialist program.

For just $99 ($249 for nonmembers), you can earn five CEUs (equal to 50 contact hours) focused on the ins and outs of using data in your school counseling program – all from the comfort of your own home or office. Please note, access to all webinars, journal article, magazine articles and quizzes is included in the registration price. Books must be purchased separately. 

To earn the School Counseling Data Specialist certificate, you will read/view the following materials and take a short quiz online about each to indicate mastery of the subject matter:

Book: “The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs”

Book: “Making DATA Work” (3rd edition)

Webinar: Creating Effective School Counseling SMART Goals (View the webinar)

Webinar: Google Documents: How to Use Google Documents to Collect and Analyze Data (View the webinar)

Webinar: Making Data Work (View the webinar)

Webinar: Closing the Gap and Writing Results Reports (View the webinar)

Webinar: Evidence-Based, Data-Driven Comprehensive School Counseling: How it Fulfills RAMP (View the webinar)

Journal article: The Beliefs and Practices of School Counselors Who Use Data to Implement Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

Journal article: An Integrative Model of Data-Based Decision Making for School Counseling

Journal article: Becoming "Difference Makers": School-University Collaboration to Create, Implement, and Evaluate Data-Driven Counseling Interventions

Journal article: Conducting Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for School Counselors

Magazine article: Using Results to Get Results

Magazine article: Designated Data Mondays

Once you've completed the training, you will receive a certificate suitable for framing in 6-8 weeks, pronouncing you a School Counseling Data Specialist. Once you register you will receive access to the CEU quizzes. Click on the "My ASCA" link beneath your log in info on the website and navigate to the CEU quizzes. There is no timeline or deadline for completing the training. This is a self-paced class, and you may take as long as  you wish from start to finish. This Specialist designation is good for five years.

How to Get Started
1. Register here to sign up for the School Counseling Data Specialist Training. 

2, Read/view the above assignments. For the webinars and presentations some users may need to download the g2m4 codec to play archived webinar recordings. While ASCA does not promote one particular way to watch the videos we have found that VLC Media Player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html) or Flip 4 Mac (http://www.telestream.net/flip4mac/overview.htm) play the videos on Apple Products. VLC may also make it easier to watch videos on PCs. 

3. Take the quizzes. Once you've registered for the training, log into the ASCA website, click on "My ASCA" and then click on "ASCA Quizzes." You must score 100 percent on each quiz to pass. You may take each quiz as many times as necessary. Please note, if you're working on a Mac, we recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome rather than Safari for best interface with the quiz software. And if you're working on a PC and the quizzes aren't showing up properly, make sure your Internet browser is the most up-to-date version.